ALL I AM by Heatwave

Who do you think you see
When you look at me
Is it somebody strong
Somebody you could admire

And who do you think I am
when I take your hand
Are you counting on me
To fill your dreams and your desires


Well all I am
is lonely just like you
All I wanna do
is have one dream comes true
All I am
is handing you my heart
hoping to be part of you

Who do you think you are
Standing in the dark
Are you waiting for me
Why can’t I reach you from here

oh, how do I get to you
won’t you let me through
don’t you think that may
we have something special to be shared



4 thoughts on “ALL I AM by Heatwave

    • In 80’s ( I was 13 years old) I have bought the Album with title “Jazz lite night” with golden cover. There were many good songs and this cover contains lyric and chord also… I miss that things. I have been looking for this album to get my flashback.

      • Yup..I knew that album (Jazz Lite Night), and I have still that one but the cover….hmm dumb flood carried that thing off. This album will be my sweet memories in my hole life.

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